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How can I receive on a regular phone the calls directed to a virtual number?

- If you want to forward calls to a classic phone at the time of purchase:

In the number order form, select the option "Regular phone". Then, in the two menus that will appear, select the country and the prefix of the number where you wish to receive the calls

- If you want to forward calls to a classic phone after purchase:

In your private area, click on "my numbers" => Open "Details" of the DID number => "change forwarding" => choose "regular phone"

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I'm not able to buy a local number; What can I do?

We do it for you. Please write us using the "Contact us" menu, indicating
- The country and city of the local number you wish
- How you want to receive the calls on this local number
We'll create the order for you and we'll send you the invoice. The only thing you will have to do is pay the invoice. After you have paid it, the number will be active.

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Which payment methods are available?

It is possible to pay with credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), with Paypal or bank transfer.

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After I've paid a local number, when will it be active?

If you are a new customer, for security we will do a manual anti-fraud check of your first payment and your first order. This will be done in few hours. Then if everything is fine you will be put in the group of the trusted customers. In some special cases, at our discretion we may ask for additional documentation before approving the order.

If you are already a trusted customer, paying with credit card or paypal, the number will be active immediately. If you pay with bank money transfer, the number will be active as soon as we have received the transfer.

There is an exception for the numbers of some countries, listed here, whose legislation requires additional documentation (ID or proof of address). In these cases the activation will be done after the review of the documentation, which will not take longer than a few hours.

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Can I use my virtual number to do outgoing calls at cheap rates?

Yes. See rates

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Which equipment do I need to use a virtual number?

If you do not want to have costs when you receive calls, you need a VOIP phone (for example, a Siemens Gigaset IP) or a VOIP adapter (for example, the Fritz!box), or a smartphone in which you have installed an application that can receive VOIP calls (Sipdroid, Linphone, Hangouts...).

Or alternatively you can simply receive calls on your home phone or mobile phone, without any additional equipment. In this case you will have a small charge per minute, according to these rates

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How many concurrent calls can I receive on a virtual number?

For toll-free numbers, by default you can receive up to 300 concurrent calls.
For DID numbers, you can receive 2 contemporary calls. If you need more channels please contact us.

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How should I configure a SIP phone to make and receive calls with my DID number?

Here are the detailed instructions:

1) Firstly you have to forward your DID number to "phone.system": in your private area click "my numbers" =>"Details" of DID number you have purchased => choose ""

2) Launch the widget: in your private area click " panel " => click on start button. A new window with the phone.system dashboard will open. The complete guide for this instrument can be found here: phone.system guide

3) Create a "number" object and a "person". To do this, drag the mentioned objects from the palette to the workspace.

4) Open the settings of the number object and select your DID number (if the DID number doesn't appear at this point, check if you have set the forwarding of the number to, as I explained in bullet 1)

5) Open the settings of the object "person": choose "VOIP" as a contact method, then create a "device" and open the device details. The data of your SIP account will appear as in this screenshot: example

6) Connect the "number" to "person" with the mouse, as shown in  the picture. Now you can close the phone.system window.

7) Configure your SIP device with data provided in bullet 5.

Now your SIP device is ready to receive unlimited calls for free and to make outbound calls using the credit of your account.


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Can I receive faxes?

Yes, you can receive faxes as attachments of your e-mail. Here are the steps:

1) Open phone.system panel in your private area and then start the phone.system widget.

2) Drag and drop from the palette onto the desktop the fax icon

fax 4

3) Edit the settings of the fax object that you have created, and write the e-mail address where you want to receive the faxes

fax 3

4) Connect your number to the fax.

fax 2

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Can I choose a custom caller ID for outbound calls?

Yes, you can. You can choose any number as caller ID, provided you can proof that you have access to this number. Here are the steps:

1) Open the phone.system widget and click on advanced settings.

callerid 01

2) Click on "verified callerids"

callerid 03

3) Click in the "+" button on the top left

callerid 04

4) Write the number you want to use as caller ID. Note that it must be in E.164 format: this means that the country code does not need "00" or "+" (for example: for US, the number starts with 1)

callerid 05

5) Choose how you want to receive the verification code (voice call or SMS)

callerid 05

6) Type the code you have received

callerid 06

7) If the code is exact, a confirmation message will appear

callerid 07

callerid 08

8) Now, when configuring a VOIP device as a contact method of a person object, you will see the list of the caller ID that you have verified

callerid 09



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