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Polandvirtual mobile phone numbers

DID mobile numbers in Poland

Buy Local Numbers provides DID numbers for Poland, which are able to receive SMS.

Besides, a Poland DID number can receive calls as any other landline DID number.

Poland mobile phone numbers currently offered are shown below.

Prefix City Setup price Monthly price
48-73 Mobile 2.80 USD 10.40 USD Read more about DID Number in Mobile

When an SMS is sent to a virtual mobile number, you will receive it at the email address that you have registered in your Buy Local Numbers account.

Remark 1: we need to make a manual configuration to activate the SMS capability of a mobile number. After you purchase the number, we'll send you a confirmation message, when it is ready to receive SMS.

Remark 2: the numbers of some countries are able to receive SMS, but they have the format of landline numbers.

Remark 3: we cannot guarantee that these numbers are accepted for verification SMS and we don't provide support for such usage.