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DID Numbers and toll-free numbers in Iceland

Buy Local Numbers provides DID numbers for Iceland.

A local DID number of Iceland may be forwarded by our infrastructure to conventional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) devices, mobile phones or Voice over IP (VoIP) phones anywhere in the world. The call forwarding destination is selected by the customer on a per-DID basis and may be changed at any time via our friendly user interface.

Buy Local Numbers strives to constantly expand our virtual number coverage in Iceland.

Iceland phone numbers currently offered are shown below. Please visit this page regularly to check for coverage updates.

If the city you are looking for is not present in the list, please contact us and we'll try to obtain it for you.

Prefix City Setup price Monthly price
354-5 Reykjavik 0.00 USD 11.35 USD Read more about DID Number in Reykjavik
354-800 Toll-free 65.00 USD 22.50 USD Read more about DID Number in Toll-free

Legal Restrictions for Iceland DID numbers:

Cannot be used for calling cards and callback services.

Provisioning Restrictions for Iceland DID numbers:
Each Iceland number (except toll-free ones, which may have up to 300) comes with 2 channels. If you want to assign more, contact us.

Some features of the Iceland virtual numbers provided by Buy Local Numbers are:

  • Reliable voice services of the highest quality, with our infrastructure being housed in secure collocations.

  • Unlimited number of calls, with no limit on the length of each call.

  • Activation within 24 hours of DID numbers via our online 24/7 Web services.

  • Each DID number is provided with two channels, allowing two concurrent incoming calls on the same number. Additional channels may be purchased if required.

  • The call forwarding destination for a DID may be changed by you at any time via our Web services.

  • Call waiting and caller ID are supported.

  • Free customer care, 24 hours per day via our contact module.

Increase of minumum payment amount

Due to rising payout fees, the minimum payout has increased to $4.
Note that this does not imply an increase in the prices of our virtual numbers, which remain unchanged. If, when purchasing a virtual number, the payment amount exceeds the price of the number, the excess amount will be added to your prepaid credit and will be used for future renewals or for PSTN call forwarding.
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